Welcome to Abbey

We aim to provide a friendly, stimulating atmosphere in which your child can learn through play, with plenty of experienced staff to ensure individual support and attention.

The hall is set out with a variety of activities from which the children are free to choose, and are divided into seven areas of learning and development which form the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Three years after opening in 1989 Abbey Pre-School moved to it's current location of St Peter's church, River, Dover and has been an ideal setting for the children to learn and play.


Abbey Pre-School
The Christian Centre
Minnis Lane
CT17 0RG

Communication and language

There is plenty of opportunity to develop language for thinking and communication and mark making leading to writing skills.

Physical development

This focuses on movement and space, using equipment, a healthy lifestyle and fostering independence with self care. There is a secure space attached to the hall so that the children can choose to play inside or outside safely.

Personal, social and emotional development

This encourages self confidence and self esteem, building relationships, positive behaviour and self control as well as gaining a sense of community.

These three areas of the EYFS Framework are the 'prime areas' and essential for your child's healthy development and future learning.

As they grow the prime areas will help them to develop skills in the 4 specific areas which are:


Where there is plenty of opportunity to listen to stories or join in with songs and children are encouraged to look at letters and sounds.


This includes learning about numbers as labels and for counting, calculating and learning about shape, size and measure.

Understanding the world

There is a computer and other opportunities for ICT. There are also plenty of activities to explore and investigate, design and make, and to learn about time, the environment and communities.

Expressive art and design

There is plenty of opportunity to respond to experiences, communicate ideas and explore media and materials, create music and dance and develop imaginative play with areas such as the home corner and dressing up rack.